Kurtbastian Week Day Seven- Wax On Wax Off: Sex, Kinks, And Other Things You Don’t Tell Your Family

Title: Wax On Wax Off.

Submission:Day 7, Sex, Kinks, And Other Things You Don’t Tell Your Family



Warnings: DOM Kurt, SUB Sebastian.Wax Play

Summary:After a long day Kurt comes home to his slave and a very hot and welcome surprise.

Wax On Wax Off

Kurt slips his key into the lock of the front door two hours later
than expected. The moment he pushes it open he smiles to himself at
the scene before him.

His beautiful Sebastian is clad only in a pair of barely there boxer
briefs and on his knees. His breathtaking green eyes down cast on the

When Kurt see’s him he sights in relaxed contentment. There is nothing
better to come home to then this. “Hello my darling. Sorry I’m late.”

Sebastian knows that Kurt talking now gives him the right to speak. He
is to never speak first. That’s just one of the many rules.

Sebastian bows his head down further. “Welcome home master. You know
I’d gladly wait here forever for you.”

Kurt tips up Sebastian’s chin, their eyes meeting in a heartfelt gaze.
“I know.” He informs his pet, leaning in to place a light peck to Sebastian’s
plump red lips.

Sebastian’s mouth quiver, the edges curling up into a tiny smile.

“Our. I-I mean your package arrived today,” Sebastian says sheepishly, his
chin jutting towards the table where the UPS box is sitting.

Kurt eyes go wide. He’s been waiting all week for this to arrive.

He looks back down at a still kneeling Sebastian, his eyes once again
trained on the floor.

“Crawl to the bedroom,” Kurt instructs firmly.

Without question or hesitation Sebastian gets up on all fours and
begins to crawl towards the hallway.

Kurt’s mouth waters at the sight of that sweet, tight, barely covered
ass swaying at it crawls away from him.

While he wants nothing more than to slip into it raw and fuck
Sebastian till he screams, he has even bigger plans for them tonight.
Something they’ve both been waiting for a while now.

Kurt leaves Sebastian to linger a bit, heading to the kitchen to grab
himself a beer. On the way back to the living room he kicks off his
shoes and loosens his tie. Sitting down heavily on the sofa and
rubbing his temples in slow, concentric circles. It’s been far too
long of a day.

Normally he would make Sebastian wait in anticipation for much longer
then this but right now he’s far too excited to wait.

He feels reminiscent of a kid on
Christmas, unable to be patient. Ready and waiting to just rip open
the toys he’s been asking for all year.

So he retreats to the bedroom where he finds Sebastian still on all
fours, his forehead resting on the hardwood floor.

Since Kurt hadn’t given him any further instructions he’s in his usual
submissive stance. Oh what a good boy he is. He definitely deserves a
handsome reward.

Kurt circles his slave a few times, making sure to step lightly so his
presents is not known.

“You take direction well my love,” Kurt finally purrs. His voice
startling Sebastian and making him jump just a bit.

“Why so jumpy gorgeous. You should be happy. Tonight I’m rewarding you.”

Kurt can’t help but smile at the happy, adorable little squeal that
escapes Sebastian.

But the smile fades as quickly as it comes. Now is not the time to be
soft. It’s the time to be serious. They’ll be playing again soon enough.

“Get up on the bed,” Kurt demands sternly. All the caring completely
out of his voice. “Face up, arms and legs spread open wide.”

Again Sebastian complies instantly, scrambling up off the floor and
onto the bed as quickly and gracefully as possible.

Kurt heads over to the toy chest, browsing the selection carefully. He
figures with the special stuff he’s ordered this playtime won’t hurt
as much as some of their previous ones. So he goes with the heavy,
unbreakable chains. Deciding that even if it does hurt a little he
wants to watch Sebastian squirm without the option of breaking away.

Kurt hooks the chains to the cuffs on the head and foot boards. Then
seizes Sebastian’s wrist, clicking each of them firmly in place.

Sebastian doesn’t speak, doesn’t look Kurt in the eye. Just stares
straight ahead as he gets chained up.

Inside he’s cheering loudly. He loves this. Loves when Kurt’s heavy
handed. Adores when he’s harsh and demanding. It grounds Sebastian. As
a born submissive, being told what to do centers him. And he knows
that Kurt will always return to his loving self as soon as they’re
through with their game. Sebastian loves that most of all.

“You won’t be needing these anymore baby,” Kurt whispers gruffly.
Splaying his hands across Sebastian’s hips. His  fingertips dipping
into the waistband of his second skin like briefs. He slips them
slowly down Sebastian’s firm muscular thighs, taking his time to feel
every well defined inch.

Kurt tosses the briefs behind him then licks his lips hungrily. His
mouth filling up with saliva at the sight of his naked half chained

After a moment of admiration he chains up Sebastian’s ankles and
secures a black blindfold over his deep green eyes.

There will be no ear plugs or gag tonight. Kurt wants to talk to his
slave but more importantly he can’t wait to hear the noises he’s bound
to make when they get started.

Kurt rips the newly arrived package open happily, pulling out each
candle one by one and placing them in a neat row on his armoire.
They’re all the same size and in a rainbow of different colors. Yes
these will make a very pretty picture on his already beautiful canvas.

Kurt opens the top drew of the dresser, rummaging around for the
lighter he knows is in there somewhere. He specifically remembers
putting it there, along with a box of cigarettes, after they explored
Sebastian’s smoking kink a few months back.

When he finally finds it tucked behind a stack of dress socks he let’s
a triumphant noise escape him. Once he’s all set up he strips out of
his own clothes until he’s down to just his Calvin Klein’s. Then shakes
the lighter to get the fluid flowing.

Sebastian flinches at the sound of the lighter clicking to life in the
otherwise quiet room. They’ve discussed doing this several times before
but now that it’s about to happen it’s a bit nerve racking.
The way it always is whenever they play a new game.

“Relax,” Kurt demands.

Sebastian’s stiff stance softens at Kurt’s command. But it’s hand for
him to be fully at ease when he knows what’s coming.

Kurt tips the brightly now burning candle in his hand down, watching in
fascination as the vibrant blue wax drips slowly out of it and onto his

Sebastian hisses at the feeling of the hot substance hitting his bare

It’s a rush of both pain and unrelenting passion. But as it always
seems to happen with their little experiments the latter wins out.

The wax burns at the just the right temperature to stir Sebastian into
a complete sexual frenzy.

Kurt bask in the glory of the moment. Watching with pride as Sebastian
begins to writhe and howl in pleasure. His body arching up as much as
it can given the confines of the chains.

“You like that baby?” Kurt asks with a dark, teasing laugh.

“Yes,” Sebastian pants.

“You want more?”

“God yes,” Sebastian begs. “Please. Please.”

“Don’t be so needy,” Kurt growls. “It will all happen in due time.”

Sebastian goes silent save for the merciless noises that escape him
with each pour of the wax.

Soon Sebastian torso begins to look reminiscent of a freshly painted
picture.Every color of the rainbow laid out on the plains of his washboard abs.

“You look so amazing gorgeous. Do you wanna see?” Kurt asks hotly in
Sebastian’s ear.

The enslaved man begins to nod frantically. Kurt tears the blindfold
away roughly. Sebastian blinking rapidly to help adjust his eyes to the light.

He peers down at his belly, smiling to himself at the beauty of the
now dried up wax.

“Do you like it?” Kurt questions his kept man.

“Very much,” Sebastian breaths happily.

“Good now you can watch while I do one.” Kurt picks up the last candle
before straddling Sebastian’s lap. His now straining erection pressing
firmly to Kurt’s own growing boner.

“Such a good yet very naughty boy,” Kurt purrs, making sure to
grind himself onto Sebastian’s wanting length.

Sebastian shutters, his mouth falling open, lips parting

Kurt takes advantage, plunging his tongue into the mouth he loves so
much. Sebastian slips his own tongue around Kurt’s moaning brokenly into his master’s mouth.

After a minute or so Kurt tears himself away.”Ah, Ah, Ah. No distracting from my task at hand. But since you tried I’ll have to punish you.”

Kurt sets fire to the wick of the black candle in his hand.
Sebastian’s eyes wide as saucers as he watches the wax drip out
and fall onto his nipple.

A strangled scream escapes Sebastian, making Kurt grin down at him
mischievously. He does the other nipple with the red wax. Kurt’s eyes glued
to the way it slides seductively down Sebastian’s skin until it dries in a
lovely dripped pattern.

An hour later Sebastian’s whole front side is covered. He looks so
beautiful Kurt almost can’t bear to wash any of the wax away but he
knows he has to. After undoing all Sebastian’s chains he leads his now
loose-limbed lover to the shower. Scrubbing the caked on candle wax
until it washes away down the drain. The colors all commingling and turning the water a pretty rainbow color.

The wax leaves Sebastian’s always alluring skin even softer and more
supple than before.

Kurt spends the rest of his night worshiping every inch of it while
Sebastian bask in the amazing feeling of being loved and adored by his keeper.